Monday, July 09, 2007

Book: Lord of the Flies


A group of University students travelling by private jet to the college's ski slope suddenly experience a power failure that causes their jet to crash land on a deserted desert island – killing all the adults. Left to their own devices, the band of boys set about showing that the British values of peace, honour and civilisation will overcome anything the island can throw at them.

Ralph, the 'typically' good-looking sports captain steps up to the mark, with his trusty horn; calling a meeting. Having been voted leader though the traditional democratic process of the cock-tease striptease he sets about organising the vital activities for the boys.

  • Sunbathing;

  • Swimming; and

  • Sex.

Soon the island population is separated in two: The Fit, headed up by Ralph and his best-shag Jack Merridew; and The Fuglies*, reluctantly headed up by Piggy – a fat lad with asthma – and a mysterious lad known only as 'the boy with the mulberry coloured birthmark'.

All is fine for days, neither of the groups even acknowledging the others existence. That is until, the crashed jet's alcohol and moisturiser supplies start running low.

Can anti-wrinkle triple-action age-reversing crème be made from Piggy's fat? Is it possible to somehow ferment Bacardi though a human body? And is it true that 'the boy with the mulberry coloured birthmark' is really as hung as they say? These are the questions that The Fit want answered!

Book rating

5 out of 5 – This is a must read for everyone! It should be on the school syllabus.

*Fuglies = Fucking Uglies


Anonymous said...

Sadly as the fat asthmatic in this context I'm not sure I wanted the story to go this way. I'd have rathered there be some redemption for Piggy which converted him into the one who at least got the left overs from Ralph.

Indeed this is the moral upon which I have lived my life, post trying to get Ralph into my bed which worked in my thirties, but seems less likely as I reach the end of my forties.

Katie G. said...

xD Nice, but let's not forget good ol' Simon. When I was reading the book his crush on Ralph seemed the most obvious of all the boys. (in my opinion)